Jay Holmes is the President/COO of the Minnesota Chapter and Founder of the "Women Unite to Win" – Appreciation Banquet. He holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Secondary Education from St. Could State University with 15+ years of teaching and social service experience with special needs and at-risk students. His first love being basketball, Jay founded Knowledge of the Game, LLC where he trains youth in individual skill building.  His other passions are his children, music and dancing. Inspired by his fathers musical talent, he knew early on that he wanted to perform and be a songwriter. A few years ago he wrote and recorded his first song, “Ready To Do This”. The Steppers community (Twin Cities, Milwaukee, Chicago and many others) embraces the record and now he is one of the Premier R&B and Steppers artists across the country and continues his writing and recording under J. MOST Music Lyrics, LLC. COMMAND STEPPERS! Featuring J. MOST is the extension of his love for the dance form of Chicago 8-Count Steppin’. It is his lifetime goal to use his gifts to build our communities one child, one listener, one dancer at a time!