We will educate our Community of Women & Girls on Health Disparities while raising the Awareness of Fitness & Wellness Initiatives!

On Saturday November 7, 2015, the National Empowerment Group, Inc., OLU's Center Inc., PINK Consulting LLC and Alvena Models hosted the 2nd Annual Twin Cities Executives & Celebrities Fall Fashion Show & Salute to Cancer Fighters.This was a fundraiser for "Butterfly4Life (Cancer) Support Network". 

On Saturday March 11, 2017, the National Empowerment Group, Inc., is hosting the 9th Annual “Women UNITE To Win” Women’s Appreciation “Platinum” Community Leadership Luncheon. This year we are honoring some of Minnesota’s outstanding leaders. These phenomenal women have dedicated their lives to making a difference in our community and have paved the way for other aspiring leaders. A portion of the proceeds will support the National Empowerment Group, Inc. programs. 



National Empowerment Group, Inc. - donated $1,000.00 to The Family Place - St. Paul, MN


      7th Annual Women's Appreciation Banquet  

 Fundraiser & Cleaning Supply Drive For: The Family Place - A Homeless Shelter

Girls on the MOVE!

Women's Appreciation Banquet




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       Girls Glam Back to School


On Saturday, November 1, 2014 National Empowerment Group, Inc., Alvena Models and Olu's Center hosted Minnesota’s first ever Twin Cities Executives & Celebrities Fall Fashion Show.  This event was a fundraiser for The Family Place, the only day shelter for families with children in Ramsey County.  The Family Place offers safety, opportunities and encouragement to help move the transitioning families from despair to hope and from uncertainty to stability. The National Empowerment Group, Inc, donated $1,000.00 to The Family Place and cleaning supplies for the families.

Girls On The Move! is a comprehensive diverse after-school youth development program that addresses the challenges and needs of girls, while continuing to inspire, empower and motivate them toward successful academic outcomes. The program will assess the strengths and weaknesses of school-age girls while improving student achievement.  We will collaborate with the school and parents to empower girls to be intelligent, productive and respected young women. Our creative competency based workshops, projects and field trips girls will enhance their ability to make smart/safe decisions and unlock their academic and leadership abilities. These group lead programs facilitated by knowledge-based community mentors are great for “at-risk” or “non at-risk” students that need additional competency based academic advising, personal/professional guidance and direction.

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National Empowerment Group, Inc. 

On Sunday, March 23rd, 2014 the National Empowerment Group, Inc. and J. MOST hosted the 6th Annual "Women Unite to Win" Women's Appreciation Banquet at Hilton Minneapolis/Bloomington West (494 & France). Our theme: "Women in the Armed Forces Rock!" - recognized women that served in the military.  More than 200,000 women are in the active-duty military, including 69 generals and admirals.

                **Our next Women's Empowerment Event - Honoring Women for Community Leadership**

On March 14, 2015, the National Empowerment Group, Inc. hosted the 7th Annual "Women Unite to Win" - Women’s Appreciation Banquet at the luxurious Radisson Blu Mall of America Hotel. This year we honored some of Minnesota’s prominent musical legends. These phenomenal women have paved the way for many musicians and agreed to collaborate with the National Empowerment Group, Inc. to bring HIV/AIDS awareness to our community.

Our honorees were: Barbara LaShoure, Mary Jane Alm, Cynthia Johnson, Debbie Duncan, Doris Hines, Ginger Commodore, Gwen Matthews, Kathleen Johnson and Patty Peterson.

2nd Annual Twin Cities Executives & Celebrities Fall Fashion Show 

On Saturday March 12, 2016, the National Empowerment Group, Inc., hosted the Women's Empowerment Tribute Show. We honored Dorothy Richburg, Kathleen Johnson, Mercedes Perry and Beverly PropesThese extraordinary women were acknowledged for their leadership and dedication to the community. This was a fundraiser for our Girls on the Move! - program. 

These are some of the cleaning supplies the Minnesota community donated to The Family Place!

The 2015 Banquet Honorees