We will educate our Community of Women & Girls on Health Disparities while raising the Awareness of Fitness & Wellness Initiatives!


       Girls Glam Back to School


National Empowerment Group, Inc. 

2nd Annual Twin Cities Executives & Celebrities Fall Fashion Show 

      7th Annual Women's Appreciation Banquet  

 Fundraiser & Cleaning Supply Drive For: The Family Place - A Homeless Shelter

Girls On The Move! (4 At-Risk Middle & High School Girls) is a comprehensive after-school youth development program that addresses the challenges and needs of girls, while continuing to inspire, encourage and motivate them toward successful academic outcomes. The program acknowledges the strengths and weaknesses of school-age girls while increasing student achievement. It is progressive and develops girls into leaders who are groomed to represent themselves as intelligent, productive and respected young women. By creating a warm, trusted environment, Girls On The Move!  helps girls sparkle and flourish! Through workshops, projects and field trips, girls learn how to make smart/safe decisions, discuss the challenges of adolescence and unlock their academic and leadership potential.

What are the issues? Peer pressure, social media, sexual exploitation, unrealistic body image messages and diminishing self-esteem are only a few challenges facing girls. Puberty along with immense emotional and psychological challenges and influences from the media can make life very difficult for girls. Adolescence is widely considered the most confusing part of a girl's life. During the teen years many start claiming their own individuality, communicating more with their peers/less with their parents and rebelling. A lack of proper guidance and direction can put girls at risk of developing harmful personality traits. During adolescence, teen girls often develop a lack of self-esteem, don't perform as well academically, become less physically active, and neglect to nurture their own personal passions, goals, and aspirations.

How will this program address these challenges? Offered after school, Girls On The Move! provides gender-specific developmental workshops and projects that deal with issues girls encounter every day. Examples: how to resist peer-pressure, body image, human sexuality, social media literacy, the importance of academic recovery/success, the value of self-respect, what is self-worth, how to effectively communicate with family and school administrators, how to make good decisions, the importance of setting goals, the importance of saving money, etc. 

National Empowerment Group, Inc. - donated $1,000.00 to The Family Place - St. Paul, MN



                **Our next Women's Empowerment Event - Honoring Women for community leadership**

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The 2015 Banquet Honorees 


These are some of the cleaning supplies the Minnesota community donated to The Family Place!


Girls on the MOVE!

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Women's Appreciation Banquet